Why Agencies Need To Sell Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a way to automate your marketing tasks. One of the reasons why businesses opt for marketing automation tool is to save time, but often saving time means you are saving your money too.

In today’s highly competitive and digital-driven world it’s necessary to adapt to the digital environment to grow the business.

Whether you are an agency opting automation for your clients or a business opting automation for your own purpose, implementing marketing automation software can help you in many ways.

Here I am mentioning just a few of the ways.

Content Management

As we all know content is king and now more than ever an important is given to the quality content; whether that’s the content you are creating for you or for your clients.

Marketing automation (MA) can help you to align the right content with the right lead, this is known ad dynamic content. MA let you know the behaviors and interest of the leads, based on their website behavior and on the basis of that gather data, personalized content can be created.  

Usage of Content

What can and will you do with all that relevant and valuable content?

Lead Nurturing: Sending automated relevant emails at the right time to the right people will help your agency to satisfy the client/customer at every stage of their buying journey.

MA allows to track your leads and help you to pinpoint where prospects are in their journey and accordingly you can take the steps to nurture them better.

Lead scoring: With the help of lead nurturing and ability to know where prospects are at their buying journey, you can score leads based on their interactions, activities and whether they are ready to buy or not.

Lead Segmenting: Marketing automation allows you to segment leads into respective contact lists. Segmentation can be done on any criteria set by you like demographics, stage at which buyers are at buying journey, etc. with MA software personalized emails send to the designated contact lists.  

Process Improvement

Apart from creating relevant personalized content and converting leads through lead nurturing & lead scoring, marketing automation improves overall processes of your (or your client’s) business.

A lesser burden on sales team: As leads are already nurtured properly to make them sales-ready, a sales team doesn’t have to educate the prospect regarding products or services manually. This makes your sales team focus on core selling task.  

Troubleshooting: With an automated process, you can identify the issues or errors more quickly and work on it real time, rather than waiting for next month’s report to come and then you see discrepancies that make you too late to make changes or improvement.

How does marketing automation platform serve marketing agencies?

  • Can rename the interface
  • White label URL
  • Rebrandable sales materials/resources
  • Multi-client management console
  • Joint sales call: If the client wants

Marketing automation provides businesses with customer profile and data management capabilities to help serve the client better.

Investing in marketing automation software will help your agency and your client to make business better by providing value to the clients.

If you have any questions or want to share something, feel free to post them in a comment below.

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