What is Inbound Marketing Automation

Inbound Marketing Automation

The process of automating inbound marketing is called inbound marketing automation.

It is the combination of two major marketing trend: inbound marketing and marketing automation.

Inbound marketing is a process or you can say a technique to attract potential customer to product or service via content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, SEO, and more.

The main aim of inbound marketing is to attract and engage leads in order to convert them into a sales qualified lead and ultimately into a customer.  

Marketing automation, in the context of inbound marketing, includes the automation of marketing analytics, reputation management or social media monitoring, email marketing, sales lead generation and sales lead management, and other regular marketing activities.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing strategies includes all the ways of finding leads naturally rather than aggressively.

Let me make you understand you this way – Who likely to purchase car: A who received a message regarding car purchase or B who searched and review various cars? We all know who will make a purchase, this is what an inbound is.

Inbound strategies are great for driving targeted leads.  Here are the 5 inbound marketing strategies every business especially small business should use.

Maximize your result from SEO  

Maximum percentage of online experience begin with search engine, considering the advancement and usefulness of search engine we must optimize our SEO.

You need to have a good understanding of SEO to achieve success in search-driven marketplace.

Apart from basic SEO you’ll need to implement technical component of SEO to boost inbound traffic such as mobile device optimization, achieving good site speed etc. For more detail read this article.

Content marketing

Content plays a huge role in keeping your leads engage. The quality of content you create is the most important part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Create content that is useful for your audience and not you. If you create generic, self-serving articles and videos, you’ll never see success.

“Your content must be remarkable enough to break through the clutter. It’s not enough to just produce content,” says Entrepreneur’s Murray Newlands. “Your content must educate, inspire or entertain your audience.”

Use social media

Once you created the content, you need to share and promote it on social media. Because creating content is just only a start in the journey of marketing. Ensuring the content reaches relevant audience is where social comes in.

Social media enables you to engage with almost anyone across the world. Now, instead of just hearing about the company, people search company on social media platform, follow that company and most of the time interacted with the concern person.

There are other techniques as well which includes:

Give free guide that is related to your business

Ask and answer questions on social media

Guest blogging

Create email popup

Build personal branding

Create landing page

There are many ways to use inbound marketing to grow your business, above mentioned are just few of them, but these are the best and basic to start with.


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