The Automation and Marketing Tools To Get Your Agency Time Back

Automation and Marketing Tools
Every digital marketing agency faces the struggle to balance time and money and it seems a never-ending process. Every agency wonders when to invest in a tool to automate tedious day-to-day tasks. Are there ways to free up the time and invest that time into more important work by implementing automation?
Let’s break this into two categories:
  • What can be automated
  • What tools can be used to automates time-consuming tasks?


Automation is now almost everywhere, marketing automation technology automate nearly every process. But there are certain things which you should avoid automating.

Customer Interaction

Interacting with customers should always be done at a personal level, whether it’s on any social media channel, via email or website chat. A customer wants to interact with human and not a machine.
Engage with your audience on Instagram, reply to a question on your own facebook post, etc.

Content Creation

Content creation required a decent knowledge about the topic or industry. There are many tools that can create a blog post or content for you but the quality would not be good. But you can use tools to get keywords or keyword ideas.
There are tools that can help with content creation but don’t automate the entire process.

Content Curation and Posting

There are content curation tools that help you to find content and can also automatically post them on your social media channels. But use these tools for content curation only because posting content without reviewing is not at all a good idea.
These are the top three things you should avoid automating. Let’s now look at what you can automate to save your agency’s time.


Social media management

Tools like SocialPilot and AgoraPulse are specially designed for agencies and teams to manage social media accounts, schedule social media posts, improve engagement and analyze results at an affordable cost.

Use Zapier

Zapier is a tool that connects thousands of apps you use to automate your task. It allows automating an action when certain criteria are met or certain action performed by a visitor/customer.

Facebook Messenger

As we mentioned above customer interaction shouldn’t be automated but this can be done if you do it in the right way. There is one Facebook feature that sends an automated message after someone first get in touch like, commenting on the post, like your page, etc,. This is a good way to start the engagement or interaction right when they first come in contact with you.
This brings us to an end. With all this, you can automate your agency’s marketing workflow and invest your time in other productive tasks.


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