Sales Automation VS Marketing Automation

Sales Automation VS Marketing Automation

Sales and marketing are two of the strongest and main pillars of every business. These two go hand in hand, on the surface the two solutions seem very similar but they serve different purposes.

However, due to their similarities, it can be difficult to tell them apart or find any differences.

In this article, we’ll compare sales automation with marketing automation.

Sales Automation

Sales automation tools refer to software that helps sales department to perform tedious or redundant sales tasks faster, easier, and effectively.

What sales automation do?

    • Integrate sales calls
    • Automatic follow-ups
    • Scores leads
    • Schedule appointments and demos
    • Automates outbound email
  • Helps to close deal easily

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a cost-effective tool to communicate with prospects and customer via email or social media. Every marketing automation process basically starts with lead tracking and end in converting those leads into customers.

What marketing automation do?

    • Track website visitors
    • Generate Leads
    • Nurture Leads
    • Segment audiences based on certain defined criteria
    • Automate daily marketing tasks
  • Allow CRM integration

Other differences

Marketing automation:

    • Is used by the marketing department
    • Is intended for middle to bottom of the funnel
    • Is perfect for nurturing warm prospects, building stronger relationships, onboarding/upselling customers
  • Emails require an unsubscribe link.

Sales automation:

    • Is used by the sales department
    • Is intended for a top of the funnel sales activities
    • Is perfect for automating sales activities  
  • Emails do not require an unsubscribe link

Both sales and marketing automation are likely to benefit your business, have their own importance and can’t be replaced by each other.

Marketing and sales automation enables businesses to stay ahead in this competitive digital era and helps to rise above the competition.

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