Sales Automation Process To Grow Your Business

Sales Automation Process

If you want to grow your business you have to adopt sales automation.

Sales automation is a powerful way increase sales representative’s productivity, hence increase sales rate and revenue.

It is the process of streamlining manual, tedious, time-consuming tasks in the sales process so that sales team can focus less on admin and more on selling. Automating the sales pipeline is a practical way to use technology to improve your sales results. Sales automation saves businesses time and money.

It eliminates time consuming tasks and improve productivity.

To help you get started, here are the seven secrets on how businesses use sales automation to get leads and increase their revenue:

AI based Salesbot

AI is not a science fiction, with the advancement of technology business can improve its sales and revenue. If your top priority is conversion then AI can help you.

In fact, approximately 38% of businesses are using artificial intelligence and the number will increase up to 62% by 2019. This only shows that AI is not just a trend of the day. It will last until the future.

Smart Chatbots

As said, a lot of companies are using AI to handle day to day sales tasks. It is AI chatbot. For e.g. the customer service representative that you’ve just recently chatted might not even be an actual representative.

In fact, there are quite a few AI-focused companies out that has over the years supported small businesses with smart chatbots.

Saturate the Top of the Funnel

It is the process of narrowing, analyzing, and following up the sales leads—from creating awareness about your brand to convert lead into customer (e.g., buy your product).

Know your customer

Sales automation stores every customer details in the system. The organization can retrieve minute details of each and every customer’s whenever needed.

They can get store the information regarding the last purchase, the reason for their last call, complaint issue, etc.

Satisfy and retain customer

Sales automation software helps you to connect with customers and helps to fulfill all their expectations. Once you fulfill their expectation you’ll be able to satisfy them. As a result, your business will grow and you’ll be able to retain your customer.

Sales automation offers a lot of benefits to your business and not only help to face the competition but also to rise above it.


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