Sales Automation in 5 Steps

Sales Automation Steps

Sales automation smoothens sales process and ensures your team is focused on more important task and isn’t wasting time on routine or tedious tasks.

The more you use technology to automate the sales process the more time you’ll get to make sales.

Sales automation is a tool that enables your sales process to operate independently. By doing so, all the time-consuming tasks can b perform automatically in lesser time.

Understand your customer

Identify customer persona (their need, past behavior, taste & preference, how and when to reach them). Figure out their decision making process, their journey as a customer in order to cater them successfully.

Map out sales process

Understand the sales process from initial contact till closing of a sale. The process can be varied from product to product or customer to customer.

Below are a generic process of sales :

Awareness > Engage > Qualify > Acquire > Offer > Close > Deliver > Retain > Repeat.

Sales channel

Understand your sales channels. Whether you want to sell online, offline, or both. Clarify the role of each channel in your sales automation process.

Sales conversation

Convert your lead into the customer by following the above-mentioned points/steps. Reach out to your audience online, interact with them, identify their needs and try to offer them what they are looking for.

Automated conversation

By applying marketing automation tool and sales automation tool you can automate your conversation. Transcript the series of conversations into a guided conversational flow between your chatbot and users.

By introducing automation to your company, you can spend more time in closing deals rather than on daily repetitive tasks.

Let us know if these steps are helpful or not. Feel free to share your experience with us.


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