Mautic Support: Marketing Assets Management

Mautic Marketing Assets Management

Downloadable Assets

Marketing assets are defined as digital assets, it includes a PDF, an ebook, white paper, infographics, etc. These assets are digital resources for your prospects and customers, usually provided to them (downloadable assets) on successful completion of a form.

How to create Marketing Assets

Define Category

Assets should be categorized in order to easily locate them. To create a new category, go to the Categories section in the admin menu.

Assets can be organized in categories, which allows you to easily locate resources. To create a new category, click the admin menu, go to the Categories section.

Click ‘New’ to create a new category.

Marketing Assets Management

Fill the Title and Description field,

The alias field will be automatically populated from the title field unless manually specified. This creates the URL path so it should contain hyphens instead of spaces.

Choose a color for individual categories (optional).

To publish a category click ‘Yes’ and if the category should not be published click ‘No’ and category will be marked as unpublished.

To cancel the changes click ‘Cancel’. To save the changes click ‘Save & Close’. To save the changes but continue editing press ‘Apply’.  

Editing Existing Categories

To edit a category, choose a category and select ‘edit’. The same screen will be displayed, make the required changes and save the changes.

Deleting Categories

Categories can be deleted by clicking the checkbox and selecting delete option. If any assets are assigned to the deleted category, they will not be removed, but will instead display as ‘Unassigned’. A warning will be displayed which alerts you to this fact when deleting a category.

Assets Creation

Before creating an asset, create and publish a category, because it is not possible to assign assets to unpublished categories.

Browse to ‘Components’ > ‘Assets’ > ‘New’ to create an asset.

Marketing Assets Management

Assets Uploading

Upload an asset either by dragging the file into the white box or click in the white box to open a file upload dialog box. Once the file is selected, it will automatically upload and will appear in the white box.

As an asset can only be assigned to published categories, therefore, the category list will not contain unpublished categories.

When the details have been completed, click ‘Save & Close’ or ‘Apply’ to save changes to the asset.

Marketing Assets Management

Viewing an assets

Once the assets have been uploaded, it can be viewed by clicking on the asset name in the list of assets.

It gives information like- how many times the asset has been downloaded, a number to unique views and total views. All this can be shown in the chart format on hourly, daily, weekly monthly, or years basis.

Assets are available in a downloadable format. Download the URL, click the link and view the asset.  

Editing an asset

Click the ‘edit’ button next to the checkbox for the asset to edit an asset. The edit screens are the same as the view screens, however, the content will be populated in the fields.

Deleting an asset

Delete an asset either by clicking on the ‘delete’ button while viewing the asset, or by selecting the arrow next to the checkbox for the asset, and select ‘delete’.

A confirmation screen will be displayed and once an asset has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved and all the related data will also be no longer available except the contact points that have been collected as a result of accessing the deleted asset.

We have also created a video, have a look for better understanding. 

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