Mautic Support: How To Create Focus Item (Pop-Up Form)


Focus item can take the form of newsletter signup, promotion of an e-commerce sale, or a splash advertisement to visit another page on the website.

You can place a notification, form or link on your website through bars, modals, notifications or even full-page overlay, across the top, middle or bottom of your page. These can pop up at different times and with different actions such as upon arrival, exit intent, etc.

Create Focus Item

Starting from the Mautic dashboard, Focus Items are listed under the Channels menu. Select Focus Items, and then create a new focus item by clicking on +New, in the upper right side.

How To Create Pop-Up FormWhen creating a focus item, you’ll see there’s an option to enter a website. It is going to show a preview of what your focus item (pop-up form) will look like on your website.

After entering the website, click the builder button top right.

On the left, you’ll see a button to switch between mobile and desktop views. On the right is the builder toolbar, open the builder and start creating focus item.

Section 1: Focus / Goal

The foremost step is to choose what the focus or goal is. It includes three goals:

  1. Collect data – Collect lead data such as name, email id via the signup form. Choose when to engage: upon arrival, after slightly scrolling down, after scrolling to the middle, after scrolling to the bottom, and visitor intent to leave.
  2. Display a notice – ideal for announcements or providing information.
  3. Emphasize a link – It displays a CTA button that will redirect to certain link/page.

How To Create Pop-Up FormSection 2: Style

In this section, you’ll see four different style options which give you a preview of what the pop-up form will look like on your website.

  1. Bar – shows a bar across the top or bottom of the website page.
  2. Modal – a small window appears either top, middle, or bottom of the page.
  3. Notification – these are like modal, appears on the side of the page only
  4. Full page -like a modal only but it takes up the entire page.

How To Create Pop-Up FormSection 3: Colors

There are four color options, primary color, text color, button color, and button text color.  

How To Create Pop-Up FormSection 4: Content

This is a section where you are going to write your text or message in a form of Headline and Tagline.

Content Mode: This option enables you to format content in basic, editor, or HTML mode.

Adding Focus Item into a website

Once you are done with creating a pop-up, close the focus item builder, apply your changes and save. Now you need to add the exit intent form to your website.

To do this, go to the view its details page where you can see engagement graphs and other detailed information. On the right, you’ll see a “Focus Installation” box that includes the line of code. Copy the line of code and paste it into your website’s source, preferably before the closing body tag – denoted as “</body>”.


How To Create Pop-Up Form

Here’s a video that provides you a more clear understanding of how to build Pop-Up form. 

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