How Marketing Automation Serves Marketing Agency

how marketing automation assist marketing agency

Marketing automation platform helps business to do business in a more efficient way. Day by day people opting for this to grow their business and now a marketing automation software is a must-have for every business. Marketers are now aware of how marketing automation assist marketing agency.

There is some marketing automation platform out there which might have program or plans for an agency but PlugTalent has a ‘partner program’ specially designed for an agency.

An agency is a source which uses white label marketing automation software for selling it to their clients. PlugTalent puts the agency-client relationship in front with these following features

Rebrandable/Rename: PlugTalent software show your agency logo/trademark, every facet of it reflect your brand.

White Label Software: You get a white label (private)software, whenever your client visits your software they see your name only and not other vendors name.

Multi-Account Management Console: You can manage the account of multiple clients with a single sign-on (with a master account). Easily you can switch among the various accounts.

Rename Sales Items: Get an item, drop your logo/brand and make it yours. Rebrand any sales material in your brand name.

Cost Effective: Agency can provide marketing automation tool to their client at very low cost as compared to other marketing automation tool available in the market.

Flexible Billing: PlugTalent provides flexible billing facility to agencies. We don’t tie agencies to an annual contract only, monthly plan available as well. Apart from billing, there are various plan one can choose from according to their need.

For other marketing automation software, you may be a just client or a customer but we don’t treat it as a client or a customer we treat it as a partner. We help agencies to grow and flourish by understanding their needs and fulfilling them on time.

We PlugTalent welcome companies who directly want to purchase from us, we do provide them with all the facilities and services. We help them to achieve them their marketing automation goal if they don’t have enough resources to do so.

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