How Marketing Automation Helps in Agency’s Growth

Marketing Automation

If you’re a newbie and going against big players in your industry then marketing automation can help you a lot to stay in the industry and rise above the competition.

Automation can save time and money while collecting useful information for your agency.

Marketing automation refers to software that executes your day-to-day marketing action without any manual effort, like publishing social media posts, launching marketing campaigns, etc.

Automation software helps your agency increase efficiency to grow revenue and achieve business goals faster.

According to research, 43% of participants were satisfied or highly satisfied with the ROI generated from marketing automation. And 91% of users agree that marketing automation is very important to the overall success of their marketing.

Sometimes it can be tough to balance everything. Like back-to-back meeting, ensuring the team is on the right track, managing marketing campaigns, and so on.

Balancing hectic work schedule while making sure your marketing effort is going in the right direction; targeting the right audience, at the right time, with the right message is a difficult task.

That’s where marketing automation comes to the rescue.

Marketing automation has received a lot of attention and appreciation over the past years. But many people still in confusion, asking how it would help my agency, how would it be beneficial for my clients?

In this post, I’ll explain precisely how it can help you in your agency growth.

Lead Management

It is a process which starts with identifying potential prospects/leads and ends at converting those leads into customers. According to the Regalix study, the most important benefit of marketing automation is the ability to manage and improve lead nurturing.

Every business has hot leads and cold leads, hot leads are easy to convert but what about cold leads who aren’t sales ready? This is where lead nurturing comes.

Nurturing leads via the automation system provides a completely automated process to convert cold leads into hot leads. All marketing automation platform provides lead management functionality. Through this you can automate lead scoring and grading, segmenting leads, and create and send multi-touch lead nurturing campaigns.

Marketing AutomationSocial Media Marketing

Marketing automation platforms provide features for social media marketing. These features allow to post things on social media, monitor social analytics, and finding new ways to reach targeted audiences. It helps you manage your client’s social media accounts as well.

From one click you can post things on various social media channels.

No longer you have to go into the tool every time you want to post and schedule social media posts. Marketing automation tool allows you to schedule everything ahead of time, which will free you up to manage other client accounts.

It creates valuable database

The information gathered by automation is more than just basic potential customer information. It provides knowledge that will help you make more informed decisions. It lets you determine which type of language or tone works best with different segments, at which stage audiences are most likely to purchase, etc,. It also helps you understand why they abandon their shopping carts? Why they unsubscribe your emails?

It tags all marketing activities with the associated marketing campaigns in order to provide a comprehensive analysis of your traffic, conversion rates, clicks, and much more.

Automation provides all data in one place, rather than forcing you to jump from one platform to another to get the whole picture.

It scalable

Like many other cloud-based services, marketing automation is also scalable. You can offer your client to pay only for a current number of contacts, and the charges will grow along with the services.

Reduce sales and marketing Overheads

One of the benefits of marketing automation is it saves a lot of your time and money. One person can easily create automation campaigns for more than one client.

It enables the team to focus on more valuable work, instead of repetitive and tedious tasks. It reduces overhead by reducing the need for additional staff.

When and if implemented properly, agencies can take their marketing to a more data-driven and scalable approach. Marketing automation holds tremendous growth for any agency or startup because it creates a more systematic approach to meet the needs.

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