Five Things You’re Doing Wrong in Marketing Automation (And What To Do Instead)

marketing automation mistakes

Marketing is the first step to aware your target audience about your product/service. Marketing result tells you whether you are performing well or more effort required. For a successful business, you must sever your clients need on a priority level.

Marketing automation is automating recurring actions, segmenting the audience and plan other activities accordingly. But in order to do it correctly, you should avoid common errors. Here are five common mistakes made by marketers while implementing marketing automation.

  • You focus only on Email: Marketing automation is just not about sending emails, it is more than this. Your first mistake would be to think that your marketing automation tool is only related to sending the email. It also includes visitor tracking, lead generation (lead scoring, lead nurturing), converting lead into customers(forms, dynamic content, landing pages). However, you should also work with other channels of communication, like social media, web content, telecalls, etc. focusing only on email will limit your audience, use other channels of communication available to you to present your content to your audience.
  • You Don’t consider personalization: The worst thing is to send the same content to all your customers. Your customer needs to feel special and you can achieve this by sending them tailored personalized message. Before personalizing the content, do a detailed study about prospect/customer like their behavior, interest, preference then according to the result of that study you’ll able to create personalized content. Personalized message lead to higher click rate and open rate.
  • Every visitor is a lead for you: Not every visitor of your site is a lead for you. Marketing automation will allow you to collect information about customer/prospect, this information will let you know whether you are dealing with a potential lead or not. For example, if you are offering cleaning services only for four wheelers and someone searched for 2 wheelers but somehow reached your site, there is no use to feed this prospect, this will not consider as a qualified lead. Marketing automation tool should help you to determine who is (or is not) worth the investment and time.
  • You don’t measure your work: If you don’t measure your work how would you get to know your weak point and your strong point? Marketing automation let you measure your work. What is working and what is not working in your favor, what has been driving bad lead? Why you are losing the good lead? Marketing automation will definitely help you to figure out the answers to all your questions and help you to take corrective measures (if required). This will ensure you that your marketing strategy is always optimal and best suited to the market condition.
  • You are too aggressive while sending: If you call, text, send campaign/emails too much or oversell yourself, you are not going to have much success. You might create a negative image of your brand. Marketing automation will help to create leads without scaring them. Nurturing should be done in an appropriate way, a content of the message, sending frequency, etc are the things you should be careful with.

You just need to start simple. In the beginning, if you try to do everything at once that might be difficult for you. Start small and gradually grow as your organization grows. In short keep it simple, personalized, efficient and effective. PlugTalent





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