Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Email Marketing Automation Strategy

What’s the use of great tools if the strategy is missing?

There’s so much to achieve in email marketing automation, it’s important to have some amazing and strong strategy.

We are going to tell some best practices you should use to have good results with your email marketing automation.

These aren’t just based on the features that your marketing automation service provider has.

It’s also about having a strategy to use those tools to their fullest.


You know very well that all of your customers or subscribers are not the same. So why are you not segmenting them so that you can send them the different content,  you’ll need to make sure that you identify and separate your subscribers and customers into different segments.

Web tracking and customer profile

Accurate tracking is important if you want to convey the right information to your subscriber, you need to understand how they navigate your site in order to cater them. It let you understand their buying intention,

A/B Testing

Test, test, and test. Instead of trying out one thing at a time, set up your workflow to test two more message at the same time. One great area where you can use A/B testing is in your email marketing.

Targeted sign-up form

One of the effective ways to get started with your subscriber is to have them sign up through signup forms. By doing that you’ll get additional information about your subscriber which help you to build personalized and targeted content.

Set up an automated workflow series

Set up a series of email that triggers either on the happening of a certain event or on the rule set up by you. This minimizes your effort of manually sending and enhance your productivity.

Email marketing automation is a powerful, big arena with lots of complex moving parts but once your strategies everything it becomes much simpler.

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