Customer Relationship Management VS Marketing Automation

Customer Relationship Management VS Marketing Automation

CRM software is sales-focused, it is software for managing all your company’s interactions with current and prospective customers.

CRM store information regarding a customer, his/her behavior, past purchase record, record of past conversations customer’s addresses, names, phone numbers and more.

According to recent research conducted by Capterra, 56% of small businesses already have CRM software.

Sales and customer service teams use CRM data to the personalized one-on-one conversation between companies and their clients to increase sales and customer satisfaction

CRM is sales-focused while marketing automation software is marketing-focused.

Benefits of CRM

    • It helps sales reps to see where a customer is in the sales process and helps to close the deal.
    • Most of the CRM can also sync with social media so you can keep track of the channel is driving more traffic.
  • CRMs can send internal alerts when a call is scheduled when a client’s account is set to renew, or even when a customer’s birthday is coming up so that your sales and service reps know to reach out.

When you need CRM

  • Reports of bad customer service
  • Gather and store customer information
  • You have outgrown your lead data tracking system

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is software to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows.

Marketers use marketing automation software to schedule and track marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

    • It has the ability to segment prospect into different groups based on certain defined criteria
    • Lead generation and lead nurturing by sending triggered emails. You can also schedule a series of emails in a “drip” campaign, so your company stays top-of-mind with prospects
  • In monitor and generate analytics which shows the performance of your campaign

When you need marketing automation

    • Your customer database is unable to get manage manually
    • To generate leads
  • To build brand awareness through the marketing campaign


CRM aims to collect customer-centric data and building relationship between sales resp and prospects, marketing automation collects data through their behavior.

CRM focuses on selling through person to person, marketing automation relies on the internet, email marketing, etc.

While they have their differences in approach and style, at the end of the day CRM and marketing automation are deployed to help make selling and business development easier for your business. To know the benefits of CRM and MA integration read this article.


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