Cheap Marketing Automation Software Solution

Marketing Automation Software Solution

A marketing automation tool is essential for marketing departments and sales departments of all business size.

Automation is not merely a wish list item but now has become a necessity for marketers who are looking for growth. However, the budget is one of the biggest factors that impact buying decisions.

Finding affordable marketing automation software while not compromising with features is a challenge.

Small businesses understand this better than anyone, as they have little room to increase the budget and have specific needs. In no particular order, here are some cheap marketing automation solutions.


It offers a plan for just $1 USD/month. You’ll get 500 contacts, with every features Autopilot offers. It basically has 3 support package one is silver (free), another is gold ($ 99 / month), and last is platinum ($ 899 / month). As the number of contacts in your database increases, so does the price.


It is a marketing automation platform with solutions for marketing, sales, and customer success. One of its top features is compiling customer information from email addresses.

ActiveCampaign has drip campaigns that are valuable for new customer onboarding and for educational series. It also has automated workflows, email marketing, sales, and CRM. Pricing is for its Lite plan is only at $17/month paid yearly with unlimited sending up to 3 users.


It is good for small businesses. It is an affordable tool that’s easy to use and it has all the necessary tools to automate your marketing and sales tasks.

Hatchbuck doesn’t have social media management tools, it doesn’t have landing pages, and it doesn’t have CMS to host a website. Visitor tracking (webpage tracking) will only track contacts after they submit a form or click on a link in an email. It does not record visits prior to form submissions, so you’re losing some important data there.

It has main two price category one is billed semi-annually and other is billed monthly. Under this, there are 4 plans starting $ 29/month (billed semi-annually) and $ 35/month (billed monthly). For more pricing details click here.


It is a tool that helps you create marketing funnels to find leads and customers online. It offers a mix of tools geared at generating leads with social media along with drag-and-drop landing page builder with a lot of built-in templates.

It allows you to nurture leads with personalized emails and includes popups to help you capture leads.

It has a starting plan of $ 49/month with unlimited landing pages, social contests, and popups.


It is a powerful visual marketing automation and reporting platform. It shows how your entire business works on one single campaign map and either you can build your campaign from scratch or choose from a templates library that includes pre-designed pages, email, and many more.

It has 4 plan, 1st is Basic ($ 79/month), 2nd is Plus ($ 147/month), 3rd is Pro ($ 297/month) and last is Enterprise ($ 497/month).

There are over 300 marketing automation systems on the market, unfortunately, I couldn’t cover all of the low-cost options out there. Which awesome ones did I miss?

Do mention it in the comment box.

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