Best Marketing Automation Tools for SMBs

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation technology helps to minimize human error and enables them to use their time on other productive tasks. It is also effective for streamlining several areas of your marketing task like creating content, generating leads, tracking customer data and many more.

There are many marketing automation platforms that are available to cater to the small business need, which can help them to automated manual tedious and repetitive marketing tasks.

Let’s have a look at the marketing automation solutions that are best for SMBs.


It is a top inbound marketing software that focuses on growing traffic and increasing lead conversions. It creates marketing campaigns effectively with the help of various integration like CMSs, ESPs, eCommerce tools etc.

Why choose HubSpot?

  • All-in-One Marketing System
  • Ability to create Personalized Campaigns
  • Reliable Analytics


It is a marketing automation software built on open source technology. Use pre-designed templates to create marketing campaigns. It has varieties of features like funnel creation, website tracking, contact management, reporting and attribution, and much more. This tool is specially designed to meet the need and requirement of SMBs and marketing agencies. 

Why choose Marketic

  • Easy to integrate with the SMTP server 
  • Premium and real-time support to all the customers
  • Affordable pricing for SMBs and agencies 
  • Free 1 month On-boarding service


It is AI and Machine Learning powered marketing automation solution. It has a capability of behavioral profiling, personalizing your website and marketing campaigns, omnichannel communication, customer lifecycle management and more. It can serve large enterprise as well as SMBs. It has 3 plans: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. 

Why choose SALESmanago

  • Deep data integration
  • Analytics and transaction automation
  • 30 days free trial
  • Integrations with CRM, ERP and Call Center


It is an all-in-one marketing platform for SMBs. it has features like custom deal stages, call tracking, email analytics, and lead management automation.

Why choose SharpSpring

  • Behavior-based Email Marketing
  • Dynamic Workflow
  • Built-in CRM  


It is email marketing and marketing automation software.

Autopilot is simple and visual customer journey software. It helps you capture and convert new leads, connect with customers, and create loyal repeat buyers. Customers also like the price which makes it affordable for small businesses.

Why choose Autopilot

  • Integrated with hundreds of popular apps
  • Free 30 days trial

No marketing automation tool is definitively the best. Randomly I’ve summarised few marketing automation tools which I think are best for companies of different sizes, and sectors.

Automation is a great tool for small business to save time and money. Marketing automation maintains brand value while reaching a targeted audience.

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