7 Ways Agency Can Use Marketing Automation To Grow Profits

7 Ways Agency Can Use Marketing Automation To Grow Profits

Marketing automation is considered as a topmost attribute when choosing an ESP, as per the 2017 Email Industry Census.

7 Ways Agency Can Use Marketing Automation To Grow ProfitsAccording to Martech 5000, “Marketing automation has been growing steadily over the past years and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.”

“Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.”

According to Gleanster, 77% CMOs of top performing companies say their main reason to implement marketing automation is to increase revenue. Agencies are among the most enthusiastic adopters of marketing automation technology.

One of the main challenges for agencies is that they always have to win new clients and retain them. And for any marketing agency to be successful, they have to get new clients along with the retention of the existing clients.

This is where marketing automation comes to help you win long-term clients by offering ongoing services. Also, as you work with your clients on an ongoing basis, it will increase the chances to up-sell more services to the client without spending extra money.

Marketing automation software is very helpful in reducing the burden by a good margin. It helps in nurturing, qualifying, and nurturing leads more efficiently than any manual method.

Automation software doesn’t just help in blasting emails to every lead, it has much more functionality and performs many other tasks for an agency.

Selling marketing automation to your clients has several benefits; it gives you continuous revenue, reduces your client acquisition cost and helps in building good relationships.

Here are 7 ways you can use marketing automation for your agency’s growth.

Finding Ideal Lead

Every business need leads so that they can convert it into customers. Growth starts by bringing more and more clients on your website. Once they’re on your website considered the following points to convert it.

1. Chatbots: It is a real-time platform to answer clients query instantly. Automate your Chabot messages based on URL, don’t use the same chat message on every page of your website. If visitors lands into pricing page, your chat message should be tailored to this.

2. Contextual Content: Personalized your content, copy, and CTA, on the basis of source they are coming from, their persona, etc. This personalization can be done based on the rules you set. These rules can be configured around device type, referring source, preferred language, or country.

Contextual ContentLead Nurturing

3. Email Workflow: According to a study of Harvard Business Review, 71% of qualified leads are never followed up. Once that you have leads and consistent supply of leads in your database, use marketing automation to nurture leads. It is typically done by sending a series of emails (Email Workflows) to educate prospects about the products/services. Few tips on nurturing your agency clients:

  • Don’t over-email your prospects- it can be irritating.
  • Keep a record of your workflows- having too many workflows and not having a record of workflows can lead you to send conflicting or confusing information to your clients.

4. Lead Scoring: Lead scoring helps in determining whether a lead is sales-ready or not. A specific score is assigned to leads for each activity performed by them, tailored your workflow according to lead’s score.

The lead which has the highest score for a particular period of time is deemed as the sales-ready leads.

Once the lead has passed the threshold set by you, it’s time to make a sales call. It shortens the sales cycle as it ensures sales teams don’t waste time on unqualified leads.

Customer Success and Retention

Automation is not just about nurturing client and pushing them through the funnel. Make an effort to retain old clients and keep them around.

5. Customer Feedback: It’s important to know your clients’ review. Use NPS automation(net promoter score) to send out a survey on a certain time basis. No need to manage feedback/survey manually, this all can be done automatically.

6. Upsells: Automation also let you know when a customer seems to be a good fit for up-sell or cross-sell. Set up a notification when engaged customers come back to the website to browse your other products/services pages, this can create numerous opportunities for up-sell or cross-sell.

7 Ways Agency Can Use Marketing Automation To Grow Profits7. Client Education: Educate and update your client about the industry’s current and latest trend, this enhances their trust in your brand. Provide them ebooks, educational videos, blogs, or training on their area of interest.

Take away

Marketing automation is not only for the marketing team. It is a bridge that joins the sales and marketing for better customer management and increases in sales revenue.

It is much more than a tool that blast emails. It can be used to measure and monitor every activity of visitors on your website.

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