5 Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity with Marketing Automation Tool

Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity with Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing automation is an advanced technology that is capable to generate and increase leads, drive conversions which ultimately generate more revenue.

Marketing automation as a tool streamlining the marketer’s day-to-day tasks and reducing the tedious tasks as well.

It has become a crucial component of today’s successful marketing strategies. It can boost sales productivity by 14 percent and reduce marketing overhead by 12 percent.

Website visitor tracking: One of the most powerful characteristics of marketing automation software is website visitor tracking. It allows you to track your visitors’ activities right when they first visit your website. Through this, you can capture visitors information and see where they are coming from.

Lead scoring: Use marketing automation to find out your prospects, lead scoring enables you to do that. Lead scoring helps you to trigger email campaigns based on your lead score. You can also use lead scores to segment a list/audience to separate them.

Targeted Email Campaign: Marketing automation software enables you to send relevant messages to the right set of audiences at the right time. Segment your audience based on their behavior then send them a personalized automated email. It increases the chances of open and click-through rate and fewer opt-outs.

Third party integration: If you want to make the most of marketing automation software, integrate it with your website and your customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

If you integrate marketing automation tool with CRM, you’ll be able to track lead/customer behavior and can determine marketing strategy is working and what’s not.

Multi-channel Campaign Automation: With the help of marketing automation marketers can target customers on multiple platform, channels, and devices.

Marketers can target customers with relevant messages, product recommendations, dynamic content, not just via email, but also social media channels, SMS, web-push notifications, targeted ads, and more.

All of these make customer targeting and customer interactions easier as well as effective for the customer.

Final Word

There are more you can do with a marketing automation platform like lead nurturing, progressive profiling, AB testing, etc,. Marketing automation makes sure your campaign reach to the larger audience and has maximum impact.

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