5 Types of (Marketing) Automation Tool

Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing automation is a broad concept, it includes software that automates or semi-automate marketing task. This ranges from marketing tools for small businesses to platform used by large enterprises to automate and manage business processes.

The following are the common types of marketing automation tools:

Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is the oldest, most widely used and one of best digital marketing tool that increases your ROI.  

It allows you to automate the messages you send to your contacts, it facilitates bulk distribution of personalized messages along with performance measurement kit.   

A customer wants to receive content that solely designed for them or targeted to them that’s why most of the email marketing tools allow you to personalize your content, subject line, call-to-action, etc,.

Email marketing tools create the web forms and auto-responders send the automatic email once a web form is filled out.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is all in one tool which not only manages your day-to-day content creation but also creates landing pages for your website along with web forms.

Marketing automation is an excellent platform for small business which allows them to:

  • Segment contacts on the basis of their persona/behavior
  • Send relevant messages to the relevant contact
  • Perform A/B test
  • Operate “then” or “if” email campaigns that are automated
  • Measure your campaign performance

When automation tool implemented correctly, you see a rise in your sale and ROI.

CRM Software

It can get troublesome to manage a lot of customers when you don’t have an effective system for collecting, storing and managing customer data. Satisfying customer service is very important to build a customer relationship and maintain it. Timely customer service is good customer service, which is why businesses are increasingly looking for CRM software which helps them to provide a better customer experience.    

CRM stores personal information such as names, job titles, company name, email address, purchase history, details of last interactions so that business can provide a personalized experience to the customers.                                                                                          CRMs have highly versatile API interfaces that can be integrated with other systems, which enhance its productivity.

Social Media Marketing Software

Social media is one of the best channels for businesses to reach and engage with their audiences. It gives updates about the business, blog, products, and services.

You can use social media channel to automate your promotional message and build brand personality. Social media marketing tools can be used to help with scheduling, network management, and measuring the performance of your social media efforts.

Some of the most popular tools out there right now are Buffer, Hootsuite, Audience, Crowdfire, etc.

Marketing Analytics Software

You should always look back at your efforts to figure out what worked and what didn’t so that you can minimize your flaws and can focus on the best strategy.  

Marketing analytics software allows you to measure your work and visitor behavior and their activity. Further, it can combine data from different channels for easier comparison of effective channels.

Google Analytics is the most used analytics tool.

Above mention all tool increase your business efficiency but remember that not every tool works for all types of business. You have to identify which tool works for you and which didn’t.


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