6 Reasons to Implement Marketing Automation in Business

implement marketing automation

Marketing automation is a tool which required a little bit of expertise (if not full). Generally, the organization doesn’t implement marketing automation right after the establishment of a company, it required sometimes to understand the market, audience, industry, etc.

It’s not necessary that time is the only factor to determine when business is ready for marketing automation or when not, there are several other factors also which determine or give reasons to deploy marketing automation tool in business.

From those several factors here we are discussing 6 of them, let’s take a look.

  • Unable to track website visitor: It’s important to track website visitor or follow them. Capture anonymous and known visitors traffic at a contact level to see where your audience is coming from; When they convert to a known contact and how are they engaging with you. It helps you to focus on that area which required more attention to gain maximum.
  • Lacks in lead generation: You tried to generate a lead through various mean like sending them a random email, manually follow up, etc but leads don’t turn up. Generally lead turn up when they intend to buy hence you have to maintain a constant contact with your lead so that when they make up their mind your brand comes first. With the help of the automation, you can be in touch with your audience. Pop-up form, landing page, dynamic content are a good way to generate leads. Start capturing information from people when they are in investigating stage by offering them some premium content in exchange for some contact information.
  • No time to follow-up leads: If you are too busy to follow-up your leads and you also know there are some people on your list who need what you offer but following up personally seems to be tough job for you due to lack of time or maybe for some other reasons then you surely need marketing automation tool. It is much easier with marketing automation tool to draft emails, staying at the top on the minds of your prospect, send messages to your targeted audience, build your relationship with each new lead, etc.
  • To Segment your Database: You may have a large number of prospect/customer but if they are not organized they are not useful to you. Proper segmentation of leads/prospect/customer is necessary to know which lead is interested in which content because if you don’t know what they’re interested in, how will you know what to send them in a campaign. Marketing automation tool allows you to apply any criteria you want for segmenting prospect and customers. Then you can send relevant content in order to get a higher open rate and click-through rate.
  • Underutilization of Content: It is not always easy to create outstanding content for your targeted segment. Knowing that your content is not utilized properly such as a person is not getting a relevant message at the right time, unable to test your content or sending it without checking can make you feel frustrated. However, by creating an automated funnel with all your content you’ll ensure that right content has been sent to the right person at right time establishing a good relationship between you and your targeted audience and increases the chances of the sale.
  • Want to analysis your work: One of the biggest mistakes any marketer could make is by not analyzing his/her work. You are doing everything to get the desired result but not getting it and you kept wondering where I am making mistake but unable to trace it. With marketing automation tool you can analyze your work by running A/B testing, like your content, campaign, open rate, click through rate, visits on site and so on everything you can analyze with this tool.

Collecting, analyzing, and using this type of data is the stuff behind business success.

As we all know action speaks louder than words, in the same way, it’s nice to say you care about your audience but it’s even better to show it through your action and your action should be in a form of delivering a better service to them.



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